Suella Braverman has been accused of secretly backing a backbench rebellion against her own Illegal Migration Bill to push Rishi Sunak into toughening up the legislation. Senior Government sources claimed the Home Secretary was trying to use Tory rebels to force the PM to harden up the measures to tackle small boats.

A source told the Times: “She wants to use it to spook us to offer concessions to get them to drop their amendments because a big rebellion would be embarrassing.

“She has basically become a sock puppet for the right.”

But a source close to the Home Secretary denied the claims.

The source said: “This is totally untrue and neglects to mention the fact the home secretary has been calling MPs to ask them to give the government time to consider their concerns and not rebel against the bill.

“The people spreading scurrilous rumours like this about the Home Secretary should reconsider and refrain.”

Asked about the looming rebellion this morning, minister Chris Philp told Sky News: “I think this Bill is very important. I think the public expects the small boats to be stopped.

“One of the Prime Minister’s five priorities is to stop the boats and this Bill is designed to deliver that.

“I don’t think anyone could doubt the Prime Minister’s or the Home Secretary’s commitment.

“As I understand it she is discussing these various amendments with MPs. I’m sure she’s in listening mode as always.

“But this is a well-constructed Bill designed to stop the boats which the public expect the Government to do.”


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