A man’s fiancée is fuming after he agreed for them to go on a vacation with family and friends instead of a honeymoon together. He claimed it was a longstanding family tradition to go on the trips and that nothing could beat the vacations they take together. But his fiancée, who has limited holiday left for the year, didn’t see it the same way.

Posting on Reddit, the man said she was furious he didn’t “shut down” the idea from the start. The man took to the popular sub-Reddit “Am I the A******?” to ask users what they thought of his decision.

“My family and family friends of ours go on vacation together every year. This has been a tradition since I was maybe 11 years old and I’m now 27. Each year, my parents and the other family’s parents alternate who plans and pays for the vacation. This year is our family friends’ turn,” the man said.

The couple are getting married in a few weeks time and haven’t planned their honeymoon which they wanted to take some time after the wedding.

The groom can get time off “whenever” he likes but his fiancée has limited holiday so he told his family and friends that he would likely have to miss this year’s get together.

But then, his family friend booked him a room. The Redditor wrote: “Last week, my ‘bonus dad’ came to me and told me he had booked a room for me and my girlfriend was more than welcome to come along too if she changed her mind, but that he was insistent on the family being together for the trip.

“Honestly, there’s nothing that can beat the vacations we take. The places are great and the company is even greater.”

His fiancée, however, was not happy and told him he should have known straight away to shut down the idea.

“I told my fiancée about this and she’s very angry I didn’t immediately shut it down. I told her that we weren’t required to constantly do family activities and this could easily serve as part one to our honeymoon,” he wrote. “We haven’t started planning so there’s no real plans to derail, and we can have our actual honeymoon as a first anniversary celebration since we weren’t planning on going right after our wedding anyway.”

Turning to Redditors to see if he was in the wrong, they gave him a resounding yes. The post has racked up hundreds of comments with many of the top comments claiming the original poster was indeed the bad guy.

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One Redditor said: “You’re the a******. The correct response was ‘I don’t know, let me check with my fiancée first, since we haven’t set a date for the the honeymoon yet.’ You need to pick your fiancée (who IS your family now) over your natal family. If you can’t do that, don’t marry her, for her sake.”

Another added: “In all of this he only mentions the benefits of this holiday for him. HIS friends HIS family. While she’s the one with limited paid time off. You’re the a****** a honeymoon is meant for two.”

Others were even harsher in their replies, one user savaged the poster: “What is wrong with you??? I hope she dumps you. Go on vacation with your sister. Your wife can do better.”

The overwhelming majority of Redditors were in agreement that the poster was in the wrong, siding with his fiancée and labelling him the a******.

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