Home Secretary Suella Braverman launched into a tirade during a Commons debate this afternoon, slamming Labour MPs for trying to prevent dangerous foreign criminals from being deported, some of whom went on to commit further crimes. She told her opponents they should “hang their heads in shame!”

Among those who signed the letter was Sir Keir Starmer, who along with around 70 Labour MPs said “all future charter flights must be suspended”. 

Last week, it emerged one of the criminals who was set to leave on a flight to Jamaica had gone on to murder a man. 

The Sun also revealed of the other criminals who avoided deportation after Keir Starmer signed the letter, one attacked a 999 worker three months later, one was jailed in 2021 for dealing cocaine and heroin, one was jailed in 2022 for having a knife in a public place and a fourth was jailed last year for beating up a 27-year-old woman. 

Today, the Home Secretary condemned the Labour MPs who signed the letter, saying “they care more about the rights of criminals than about the rights of the law-abiding majority”. 

“They’re soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime”, she added.

At the end of her speech, Suella Braverman said the opposition should “hang their heads in shame!”

“While this Conservative government is working to get violent criminals off our streets, it’s Labour who’s campaigning to release them. 

“The Leader of the Opposition and some 70-odd Labour MPs signed letters – that’s what they love doing, signing letters, so many letters – to stop dangerous foreign criminals being kicked out of Britain. 

“One of them went on to kill another man in the UK and we learned this week that many others went on to commit further appalling crimes in the UK. 

“Shameful! Outrageous! Hang their heads in shame!”

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Mrs Braverman also joked that after listening to her Labour counterpart, Yvette Cooper, critiquing the government’s new antisocial behaviour crackdown she was left “confused”.

“The more I listen to the Rt Hon. Lady, the more confused I am about what Labour’s policy is. 

“She criticises our plan while at the same time claiming that we’ve stolen theirs – I’m not really sure which it is!”

Yvette Cooper criticised the government’s new initiative, asking the Home Secretary who she thought had been in power for the last 13 years.

“The Tory government has decimated neighbourhood policing – there are 10,000 fewer neighbourhood police and PCSOs on our streets today than there were seven years ago.”

Mrs Cooper slammed the government for not being able “to run the existing system properly”.

Suella Braverman hit back with statistics of her own, however, saying that “where Labour leads, crime follows”.

“Under Labour PCCs residents are almost twice as likely to be a victim of robbery and knife crime is over 44 percent higher.”

Mrs Braverman had been called to the Commons after the government announced a major new antisocial behaviour crackdown over the weekend. 

The new policies will aim to crackdown on young people inhaling Nitrous Oxide canisters in public, as well as other anti-social behaviour, like drinking at bus stops. 

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