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Boris strategist on how Sunak can win election as Starmer admits Labour ‘hasn’t won yet’ | Politics | News

Mr Levido is expected to tell ministers the Tories still have a “narrow” path to victory when the country next takes to the polls.

But he will warn that the party, which ousted two prime ministers last year, must end bitter infighting.

Mr Levido will also say that delivering on the five priorities the PM set out in his new year speech is key to winning over voters.

Labour has consistently been around 20 points ahead of the Tories in polling in recent months. The latest Techne tracker poll for the Express put the Conservatives 19 points behind Sir Keir Starmer’s party.

But Mr Levido will insist Labour’s lead is “softer than it looks”.

A Tory source told the Daily Mail: “He won’t sugar coat it – the numbers really are not good. But he will say there is a path to victory, albeit a narrow one.

“The polling suggests that Starmer still is not loved and that support for Labour is not baked in.

“People will vote Labour if the Tories don’t get their act together, but there is still an opportunity to salvage things.”

It comes as Sir Keir warned against Labour becoming complacent ahead of the next election.

He told the Spectator: “I am concerned about complacency.

“In the end we have – I think and I hope – put the Labour party in a position where we are, very clearly, about country first and party second.

“That’s the first time that’s happened for a long time. But we haven’t won anything yet.”

The Cabinet’s outing today to the Prime Minister’s grace-and-favour country house in Buckinghamshire will focus on Mr Sunak’s five political pledges for 2023.

The Tory Party leader set out his five promises earlier this month, with the list including halving inflation, growing the economy, slashing national debt, bringdown down eye-watering NHS waiting lists for treatment and tackling Channel crossings.

Downing Street has offered few details about what the away day would entail, but the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said Cabinet ministers would be “focused on the five priority areas” that Mr Sunak spoke about in his new year’s speech.

Tory chairman Nadhim Zahawi, who is battling to cling on to his job amid an ethics probe into his tax affairs, is expected to attend.

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