Joe Biden walked out of a press briefing as reporters tried to question the President about the content of classified documents found in his possession. The White House confirmed earlier this month lawyers had recovered files marked classified at a former Washington office and at his home in Delaware. But the President refused to address questions about the ongoing investigation, hightailing it out of a press briefing today.

In footage from the conference – during which he announced the delivery of 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine – Biden can be seen quickly walking out of the door as reporters continue asking questions.

The door slams behind the US President as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin follow.

One reporter can be heard asking: “Sir, are the searches of your homes completed?”

Another White House correspondent is also heard asking: “Will they search Rehoboth?”

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President Biden’s Rehoboth Beach house has so far not been searched but speculation has arisen about whether the property could be next.

The discovery of classified documents at Biden’s properties comes amid an ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into over 300 files found in Donald Trump’s possession since he vacated the White House.

And on Tuesday, Trump’s vice president Mike Pence hit headlines as a dozen files were discovered at his new home in Carmel, Indiana. Pence’s legal team said they informed the National Archives of the findings shortly after and contacted the FBI to return the documents.

The discovery sparked questions among members of Congress about the apparent widespread mismanagement of classified records.

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Special counsels are investigating the Trump and Biden episodes.

In all three matters, the significance of the classified material and whether its mishandling breaches national security is not publicly known.

Aides to President Biden say they cooperated quickly and fully when such material was found at a former office in Washington, though they waited for months to make public what had happened.

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