Speaking to Spin Genie, Mr Harrold observed that Princess Anne’s daughter has always “done her own thing” while acknowledging that she and her husband Mike have a bit more freedom than other royals.

He said: “The deal that was done back in the day was Anne didn’t want her children to have titles so they could have normal lives and do normal things, that’s what she wanted.

“Of course [Zara and Mike] are famous, how can you be a member of the royal family and not be famous? People say they are not senior members of the royal family but they are, I would class them as senior non-working members of the royal family, a bit like Harry and Meghan.

“They are senior members of the family but they can do what they want, they’ve got their own lives but they are still members of the royal family and I’m sure some of the things they do gets run past other people.”

He continued: “Could Zara go in the jungle? Absolutely she could, 100%. Why would she? Why not, great PR for the Royal Family.

“Mike did an amazing job of it and everyone loved him and I’m sure they got a lot of respect, so if his wife turned up I’m sure they’ll love it, absolutely love it. She’s down to earth, she’s fun, she’s naughty.”

Former England rugby player Mike Tindall won over the British public when he went into the Australian jungle last year, eventually finishing in fourth place.

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Since they began dating in 2004 Zara and Mike have captured public attention with their sweet and supportive relationship, although they always know how to have fun together too.

Mike previously said: “We became mates, really. Eventually, it was one of those things where you realize you’re spending all your time with someone, and it went to the next level.”

The couple met in Australia while Zara was travelling there for her gap year and Mike was playing in the Rugby World Cup Final, which England won.

While some have specualted that the family may move Down Under, Mike claimed that has never been the case.

He told Hello! magazine: “Never say never but it’s not on the cards, people try to say that we almost did, but we never almost did. It’s never been an actual thing where we’ve looked for a house or anything.

“We love Australia a lot and we love the lifestyle, I think it’s brilliant for kids but whether we could actually move there, we’re not sure.”

Since marrying in 2011 Zara and Mike have welcomed three children – Mia, Lena and Lucas.

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