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Woman found dead, tied up and wrapped in tarp in abandoned juvenile detention centre | US | News

A US woman was found tied up and wrapped in tarpaulin on Friday inside an abandoned juvenile detention centre, police confirmed. 

The woman has been identified as Kayla Sedoskey, Michigan State Police said. 

Her body was discovered by someone exploring the inside of the building in Michigan, Fox Detroit reported. 

The grim discovery was found inside the abandoned Boysville Juvenile Detention Centre in French Township, a small suburb of 21,406 residents that borders the city of Monroe to the south.

Police were called to the site to investigate. 

Officers entered the building and found Sedoskey’s body, tied up and wrapped in tarp, according to WJBK. 

The Monroe County Ambulance was called before first responders declared the woman dead. 

Kayla Sedoskey, a resident of Monroe, a city located around 40 miles from south Detroit, is believed to have been 23 years old when she died. 

Michigan State Police are carrying out an investigation into the cause of her death. 

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The old juvenile detention centre is located in the Frenchtown Township at 3500 Comboni Way. 

It was run by a religious-based organisation named Boysville of Michigan. 

It ceased operation due to funding issues and was abandoned in 2008. 

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward. 

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