One father shared the “kind” act a young man did for him by paying for his shopping when he forgot his wallet while out with his daughter. He said he felt “overwhelmed” by the gesture as it was a “nice thing for someone to do.”

Roy Hilton Jones from Wrexham, Wales, said he was out shopping with his daughter at Aldi when he released he had forgotten his wallet at home while at the checkout.

He admitted the error to the cashier, but he lived five minutes away from the store, so said he would be back momentarily.

However, while Mr Jones and his daughter were in the parking lot, the Aldi worker ran up to them and said a stranger has paid for the family’s shopping.

In an interview with North Wales Live, Mr Jones said: “I’m a single dad so generosity of someone in these pressing financial times is especially grateful.”

Mr Jones recalled what happened, and said: “I’d gone with my daughter to Aldi just to pick up some snacks, bits and stuff for her school meals.

“I got to the checkout and realised I’d forgotten my wallet, so I said to my daughter we’ll have to see if we can leave all this stuff by the till and pop home quickly.

“The lad behind me said ‘oh I’ll pay’ but I said ‘Honestly it’s all right. I only live five minutes around the corner, so thank you very much but it’s okay’

“So we put the stuff through the till and the lady on the checkout said we’ll leave it here for when you get back.”

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Mr Jones said he wished to share the kind tale to add some good news to the media among the usual “doomsday” type of news. 

The father also wanted it to be acknowledged that there are still good people in the world. 

He said:  “I was watching the news this morning and they’re going on about some doomsday thing going on, the world’s supposed to end or there’s going to be another disaster sometime soon.

“That’s why I put this story out there, positivity is important. It’s a nice thing for someone to do.”

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