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Videos: Rescuers face grueling task of sifting through Antakya’s wreckage

In the southern Turkish city of Antakya, entire districts of the city have been flattened. Residents who remain are camping outside in temperatures that fall to near-freezing at night.

Rescuers take a break Feb. 9, after the city of Antakya was hit hard by a massive earthquake that rocked Turkey on Feb. 6. (Video: David Enders for The Washington Post)

Rescue operations are taking place round-the-clock, staffed largely by volunteers.

The earthquake that struck southern Turkey on Feb. 6 is the most powerful since 1939 to hit the country and its deadliest since 1999. (Video: David Enders for The Washington Post)

The sound of ambulances is constant. While people are still being found alive, journalists reporting for The Washington Post witnessed only bodies being pulled from the rubble.

Still, residents hold out hope. Rescuers regularly stop to listen for any signs of life from the collapsed buildings. While the death toll climbs past 24,000 in Turkey, survivors have been found in other hard-hit areas nearly a week after the first tremor hit.

This would not be one of those times. After a whistle blew alerting rescuers to be quiet and listen for possible signs of life, another sounded moments later signaling none could be heard. The men resumed their digging while a backhoe rumbled back to life.

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