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Ukrainian reveals he suffered three days of electric shock torture at hands of Russians | World | News

A father has told how Russian troops subjected him to a three-day torture ordeal including electric shocks, to make him tell them where his weapons were hidden. Serhiy Balan’s captors, who nicknamed him “Iron balls” because he held out for so long, also threatened to make his heavily pregnant wife Olya “give birth like a dog” outside.

Serhiy, who lives with Olya and children Daniel and Eva in now-liberated village of Velyka Oleksandrivka, in the Kherson region, said: “They broke me psychologically.

“All the time they punched me at the back of my head and hit me with guns, saying, “Where are the Nazis? Where are the guns?’. I don’t remember how many times I lost consciousness. The worst was electrical shocks.”

Days later, fearing his guns would be found and more punishment would ensue, the former policeman eventually gave up his weapons.

Olya said: “They said I couldn’t go to any hospital [to give birth]. I could only go to Russia. They said if I run away, they will kill me.

“They told Serhiy in prison, ‘we will throw your wife away and she will give birth like a dog outside’.” Serhiy, who lost 22lb during his ordeal, was finally released and allowed to return home.

But a few weeks later, stuck in their house and heavily guarded by Russian troops, Olya went into labour and Serhiy delivered baby Eva, now eight months, himself.

He said: “I had grey hair after. I was worried about her losing blood, but she was very lucky.”

After Russia captured Kherson last March, Serhiy fled into the countryside with other police.

Olya told Russian troops he was in hospital with Covid. But the suspicious soldiers kept a close eye on her, telling her not to leave the house. Nevertheless, she risked her life secretly delivering food to her husband and his colleagues.

Later, Serhiy quietly returned home. But Russian troops found out and took him to be tortured.

Olya said: “Before, he was very kind and polite, now he wants to kill those people. At night he’s screaming sometimes.

“He wants to go into the army and he is going to join soon.”

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