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Ukrainian partisans blow up three Russian army officers in devastating car bomb attack | World | News

Ukrainian partisans killed three Russian officers in a devastating car bomb attack in Mariupol last week. Russian military and occupation officials have been the target of relentless attacks by resistance fighters throughout the war. The tactics deployed have ranged from car bombings to poisonings and shootings.

Russian occupation authorities have desperately tried to stem the tide of the partisan onslaught and have stepped up security in the areas they control.

Reports have emerged of occupation authorities even offering rewards for anyone denouncing people who express pro-Ukrainian views.

Despite the tightening of the screws, Ukraine‘s brave resistance is still managing to land big blows against the invaders deep behind enemy lines.

In the latest incident, partisans in the southern city of Mariupol targeted three Russian military officers.

After staking out their prey, they attached a bomb to the officers’ car, before detonating it and killing everyone inside.

Confirming their attack, the partisans wrote on their Telegram channel: “With full confirmation, we are talking about the latest explosion of a car of Russian officers.

“The Russian officers moved into someone else’s house at Metropolitan Street.

“Very carelessly they parked in front of the house. And imprudence must be punished.

“We watched, set the schedule, the lack of security (who should they be afraid of in Mariupol?!) and delivered a small surprise. Auto-tuning, so to speak.

“The result surprised even us. Almost nothing remained of all three officers who got into the car with the driver.

“The car (rather, what was left of it) was removed instantly.”

They added: “Now, of course, we are waiting for chatter about a fake de-mining or something else.

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More than 600 people, including many children, are believed to have lost their lives as a result.

Ukrainian partisans have targeted top officials in their campaign to disrupt Russian activities in the occupied territories.

Perhaps the most high profile target to date was Vladimir Saldo, the Russian backed governor of Kherson.

Mr Saldo was allegedly poisoned by his maid and cook and had to be transferred to a specialist hospital in Moscow for prolonged treatment.

The Russian official experienced a “clouding of consciousness”, before his “fingers went numb” and he eventually passed out shortly after eating a meal.

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