Ukraine LIVE: US urges Kyiv to halt massive attack on Russia after Wagner HQ destroyed | World | News

The United States has expressed doubts about whether Kyiv has the ability to drive out Russian troops from its territory this year.

Speculation has been mounting that Ukraine will launch a massive spring offensive to reclaim occupied territory seized by Moscow.

However those hopes appeared to be dealt a major blow on Friday, after Western leaders refused to commit to provide Ukraine‘s army with much needed tanks.

At a security meeting held in Germany to discuss the Ukraine war, US General Mark Milley said it would be “very, very difficult” to eject Putin”s army from “every inch of Russian-occupied Ukraine.”

His comments come as Ukraine‘s military confirmed its forces had wiped out a Wagner ammunition dump and headquarters in Soledar, in the hotly contested Donbas.

He 45th Separate Artillery Brigade released a video showing the strike and its aftermath.

A spokesperson for Ukraine‘s military said: “The headquarters and field warehouse of the Wagner mercenaries in Soledar were destroyed.”

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