Ukraine’s military has reported it carried out an audacious attack on Russian cruise missiles being transported by rail through the illegally annexed Ukrainian Crimea peninsula last night. Dramatic footage posted online shows an explosion reportedly close to the Crimean town of Dzhankoi in the northern part of the region which has been under occupation by Russian forces since 2014.

The Ukrainian military agency said multiple Kalibr cruise missiles were destroyed by an explosion. It said the missiles were being carried by rail and were destined for submarine launch. The missiles can have a range of several hundred miles and carry warheads up to 1,100lbs, both explosive or nuclear.

A Russian-appointed governor of confirmed there had been an incident but he did not mention cruise missiles. None of the reports could be independently verified.

Ukraine has implied the Kyiv government was responsible by saying the explosion destroying the missiles continues “the process of Russia’s demilitarization and prepares the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea for de-occupation.”


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