Britons are likely to experience unsettled over the next few days with the showing hints of colder conditions returning to the UK by the end of March. According to WX Charts, the current unsettled conditions will continue, with more beneficial rainfall on the way for many parts.

The tendency for rainfall is likely to be greatest across northern and western areas.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “The rest of the week and midst of next, it will be changeable and mostly mild.

“Rain at intervals, some (as now) heavy in the west, though most of coming weekend onside.”

When asked if that’s the end of snow this winter, Mr Dale added: “For the majority it’s looking that way.

“Highlands/Grampians still in the frame for a few weeks yet.

“Attention turning more to spring warmth and possible storms. Neither are there yet.”

Meteorologists at claimed that the colder polar air may return from the north in the last five days of the month.

This comes after the UK experienced snow and ice last week with temperatures remaining lower than average.

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For the week ahead, the says weather is expected to remain unsettled with windy conditions at times.

Most areas will experience mild weather on Friday and Saturday, while colder conditions will continue to affect the north of Scotland throughout.

Temperatures are expected to be average across the south on Sunday.

At the start of the next week is when heavy showers and rain are expected in the west, with some bright spells but also strong winds and coastal gales at times.

The forecaster claimed that spells of rain are likely in northeast England and east Scotland, with snow possible over high ground.

There is a continued risk of snow in northern parts of the country, particularly over the higher ground of Scotland, with showers possible in the far north at times.

Wet conditions are expected in the west, especially on west and southwest-facing hills.

Temperatures overall will be near average to mild in the south, but near average to cold in the north.

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