Week ahead weather: Mild, often wet and windy

The UK is bracing for a week of chaotic weather with a destructive quartet of heavy rain, thunder, lightning and even snow to smash into the country. The Met Office has warned of widespread rain throughout large parts of Britain with the added risk of hail and thunderstorms, with the latest weather maps making grim reading for millions of people. It has also issued yellow weather warnings for wind covering swathes of Scotland today, forecasting gusts could jump to as high as 75mph in western areas of the country.

The Met Office has said in its latest weather forecast for the UK: “Rain clearing, although affecting the far north until evening.

“Sunny spells and showers following, most frequent in the north and west with a risk of hail and thunder. Gales in north easing.

Looking ahead for Thursday to Saturday, it said: “Remaining unsettled with showers each day, some of these heavy, possibly thundery. Windy too especially around coasts and hills in the south, but it will remain mild for most.”

The Met Office added: “On Sunday, any early rain in the southeast soon clearing. Many areas then dry with variable cloud. Showers are likely for some eastern areas, as well as the far north where they will increasingly fall as snow to low levels.

uk weather forecast

The UK is set to be smashed by a week of chaotic weather (Image: WXCHARTS/GETTY)

uk rain

Heavy rain will drench large parts of the UK by early next week (Image: WXCHARTS)

“Winds moderate, though easing in the southwest. Temperatures near normal to rather cold in the north. Later, remaining unsettled, at least at first, but with wettest conditions likely affecting northern areas through the end of March.”

The latest UK weather maps showed large bands of heavy rain sweeping eastwards over the Atlantic and drowning much of Britain in the early hours of this morning.

This rain does appear to ease as the day progresses but returns to northern and eastern regions later tonight.

Huge parts of England look set to be drenched again tomorrow, with a massive band of heavy rain drenching London, the Midlands, North West, Wales and the south coast at around 6pm.

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uk rain map

Britain is set to be smashed by bands of heavy rain coming over the Atlantic (Image: WXCHARTS)

Persistent rain continues to linger over the UK on Friday before the UK weather map shows another huge downpour sweeping in over the Atlantic and drowning the country on Monday.

The heavy rain is forecast to continue hitting many regions of Britain throughout next Tuesday Wednesday before easing towards the end of the month.

But the treacherous weather doesn’t end there, with the weather maps also showing a brutal deep freeze could trigger the unwelcome return of snow.

The map for Scotland turns icy white next Monday, with between 5cm and 8cm of snowfall showing in central areas – a trend that continues into the following day.

Netweather Senior Forecaster Jo Farrow said: “Weather fronts will be piling in from the Atlantic this week. That means a lot of cloud and rain, particularly for western parts of the UK.

“It will feel colder to start with on Wednesday. There will be blustery winds which will be strong and gusty through the Central Belt and then eastern Scotland by lunchtime. Clusters of heavy showers with hail, even wintryness on northern hills will swing by.

“This line of sharp showers pushes north across Scotland as the grey damp weather clears SE England on Wednesday morning. It leaves midweek sunshine but showers breaking out again from the west on a blustery day.

“Northern areas will feel a bit more nippy by early Thursday and daytime temperatures will be subdued. A waving front could bring rain over southern Britain as blustery showers continue from the west.

“Northern Scotland won’t be as windy but other areas will stay blustery with strong winds for exposed coastal areas around SW and southern England. This unsettled picture continues through the week with signs that colder air may tuck down from the north.

uk snow map

The UK could also be hit by snow at the start of next week (Image: WXCHARTS)

“It could bring snow to the Scottish mountains, maybe northern hills with flurries to lower levels.”

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook told Express.co.uk: “Unsettled weather will continue in the coming days. Areas of low pressure pushing across the UK bring further showers or longer spells of rain.

“Also, there is a likelihood of it turning very windy at times in southern and central regions, with wind gusts of between 50mph and 60mph being shown by some computer models.

“By Sunday, colder Arctic air starts pushing southwards and the risk of snow increases in the north. The mixed theme continues next week, and initially a ridge of high pressure is likely to bring a respite.

“However, it then turns more changeable in the north, but for a time we could see temperatures climbing markedly in the south as winds go back to a south or southwesterly direction.

uk weather records

UK weather records – rainfall and wind speed (Image: EXPRESS)

“Values of up to 20C are being shown by some computer models, so there is a chance of a taste of spring for a time. Still, it isn’t likely to last long with unsettled conditions returning quickly from the Atlantic.”

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert also told Express.co.uk: “The cold air looks to be in place through the weekend and into early next week before we see a brief warm up for the middle of next week and could even see some well above historical average temperatures for the end of next week.

“For next weekend, we look to get some colder air back into the area. After that, temperatures seem to be near to even a little below historical average with no blocking patterns setting up.

“We will continue to see rainy spells over the next week before things look to dry out as temperatures climb. It then looks like we will get back into a showery pattern for the end of next week and into the early part of April.”

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