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UK storm forecast: Met Office forecasts 70mph winds to batter nation after weather warning | Weather | News

Powerful 70mph winds are set to sweep the UK as the Met Office issues a weather warning for fog for Wednesday morning. Weather maps show “very strong” winds battering the north of the country as the weather agency warns of gusts being particularly strong in higher areas.

Meanwhile, travel may be affected by “dense fog” as areas surrounding York and Hull are issued with a yellow weather warning.

The warning will remain in place until 9am today, and commuters are warned to expect slower journey times, including possible delays to bus and train services.

Visibility is set to fall to as low as 50 metres in some parts of east and northeast England.

The agency added: “Fog is likely to begin clearing around dawn for many places, although lingering a little longer through the Vale of York.”

If travel is unavoidable, motorists are advised to drive slowly with dipped headlights, to avoid the “white wall” effect created by full-beam lights reflecting off fog. 

Drivers are also recommended to keep a close eye on their speed, as fog can create the illusion of moving in slow motion.

Freezing fog can also be a concern – this occurs when water droplets that freeze when they come into contact with objects such as the pavement, the road, or your can, and which can quickly form a layer of ice.

The warnings come as weather maps show the UK could face freezing temperatures as low as -11C – with a possible return of what some are calling the next “Beast from the East”.

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This could lead to a plummet into icy temperatures, which are being predicted due to a possible Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW).

This is the same phenomenon that ushered in 2018’s Beast from the East at an identical time in the calendar year.

Nick Finnis, from Netweather, said: “An SSW means there could be much colder and wintry weather before spring arrives. They trigger colder conditions in the UK on average two out of every three times they occur.”

The Beast from the East was a winter storm that resulted in 22 inches of snowfall in some areas, and caused an estimated £1.2 billion in damage to the national economy.

For now though, forecasters say the temperatures are above average for this time of year – with the mercury usually around the 8C or 9C mark in southern England and 6C in Scotland in February.

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