Britons have been warned to brace for plunging temperatures and freezing conditions over the weekend, with the possibility of snow flurries in northern areas. A Met Office spokesman said “snow is generally going to be restricted to Scotland” but that there may be a “dusting across the Pennines and North York Moors”.

The cold snap will hit the UK “as we go onto the second half of the weekend, just in time to go into British Summer Time”.

The lowest temperatures are expected in northern Scotland, where the mercury may fall as low as -7C.

Southern areas should avoid snowfall but will be chilly nonetheless.

If snow does land in Britain over the weekend, meteorologists don’t believe it’ll be for a protracted period.

The Met Office said Brits could expect “a few centimetres”, perhaps “two-five centimetres across the higher part of northern Scotland”. However snow showers will be “nothing on the scale of earlier on in the month”.

In particular, Sunday evening into Monday morning will see the depths of the temperatures, but experts assure it will be a “short lived cold spell”. That being said, “the northern half of the UK” should ready itself for a fierce frosty period.

As April draws nearer, Brits can be hopeful for an uptick in temperatures, but not before wet conditions drench the northern regions of England in late March.

The Met Office predicts that in “early April” things will improve with “drier interludes” and “temperatures are generally above average”.

However, the warmer weather may come at a price, with the possibility of “thundery” storms blasting areas of the country.

The northern most reaches of Great Britain may still see “colder conditions” next month, as the rest of the country begins to thaw, with most of the UK being set for above-average temperatures.

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