Isla Bryson tried to force BT to pay her five thousand pounds in compensation, after the company kept sending her mail using her former name. The 31-year-old was convicted this month of raping two women in Clydebank and Glasgow in 2016 and 2019. The crimes were committed while she was still a man and known as Adam Graham.

While awaiting trial, Mr Graham began his journey from man to woman, eventually assuming the identity of Isla Bryson.

The sex offender took offence when BT continued to use her male identity in official company correspondence.

Ms Bryson wrote a letter about a year ago to The Sun’s office in Scotland, where she complained about her treatment by the telecoms company.

She said: “I have been asking them to change my name for almost a year but I keep getting letters with my dead name on it.

“In one letter my email address with my new name is included but they’re still addressing me as Mr.

“I sent them proof of my gender identity but it hasn’t made any difference.”

BT apologised for their mistake and offered to pay her £140 as compensation.

However, the convicted rapist wanted more, saying she was “sick” of being treated like a “second class citizen”.

She whinged: “It’s had a seriously emotional effect on me and I’ve had to constantly fight with these people.

“They’ve tried to buy me off with £140 but I said I wanted £5,000 in compensation.”

Ms Bryson approached lawyers to take up her claim against BT.

However, much to her frustration, no law company wanted to pursue her case.

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It comes as the former governor of Cornton Vale branded the decision to send a transgender rapist to a women’s prison as an “unnecessary shambles”.

Ms Bryson was remanded to the women’s prison in Stirling to await sentencing next month.

After public outrage at the decision to place the rapist with other women, she was eventually transferred to HMP Edinburgh men’s prison on Thursday.

Rhona Hotchkiss, who ran Cornton Vale until 2017, said she would have refused to have Isla Bryson at the prison.

She told BBC Scotland: “I would have refused to have this person in Cornton Vale, I’m afraid. It just goes against all natural justice.”

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