Sunday, February 25, 2024

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These two maps show how the war in Ukraine has evolved

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine one year ago, weapons have punctuated the landscape: Missiles streak through the skies, drones explode outside building windows, and the booms of artillery echo through the days and nights.

As Russia retreated from Kyiv and the north last spring, the fighting became consolidated in the east, forming what is the current front line. Data from the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project organization shows how the battlefield changed over the year. While not comprehensive, the information gives a sense of how conflict’s geographic focus and intensity have evolved.

Artillery, shelling and missile attacks show how Russian forces were pushed back in the Kharkiv region last fall. They also show how fighting centered around the southeastern city of Kherson in the fall. Strikes were most frequent in Kyiv in March, near the start of the war, but attacks have still taken place despite Russia’s retreat from the capital.

This is a distinctly modern war, where both sides rely on drones not just for surveillance but also for fighting.

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