The MP for Suffolk Coastal has now showed her passion for tackling the pollution of Britain’s waterways by saying she does “give a s***”. The minister announced a five-year plan to tackle the hazards threatening the natural environment.

Last year, Coffey said sewage pollution would not be one of her top priorities, choosing instead to pass the issue on to other colleagues.

The minister made this decision despite what she called a “really difficult situations with the water companies”.

However, the environment minister has now unveiled a new plan which is set to improve and safeguard England’s rivers.

Speaking at Camley Street Natural Park in North London, Coffey said: “I want to tell people that I do care about the sewage in our waters.

“Actually, I really do give a s*** about water quality.”

She vowed to “hold industry to account” and has established “clear expectations” for water companies on how much they can spill from combined sewer overflows.

Using Germany’s waterways somewhat an excuse, Coffey noted that no river in England meets good standards for chemical pollution, as do none of the rivers in Germany.

Despite the Environment Secretary’s new-found passion for cleaning up Britain’s waterways has been thrown into doubt by her 2050 targets.

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He said: “We estimate at least 2,000 combined sewer overflows are dumping too often.

“This plan does nothing to stop pollution from being profitable.”

In a 262-page document the Government outlined its plan which will see all Brits 15 minutes from either water or green space, with plans for millions of miles of hedgerows and a new fund for rare species such as red squirrels.

However, no extra funding was announced alongside this plan in order to support its new pledges and Coffey was unable to detail the funds set aside for the species survival fund.

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