A teenager hoping for a fresh start in her new flat was horrified to find black mould in the property as a broken door handle reportedly trapped her inside. Her dather Tony Griffiths, 40, says daughter Victoria Clarke is living a nightmare as the 19-year-old’s top-floor apartment in Runcorn, Cheshire, is plagued by problems. Since she and partner Jack Jones, 18, moved in December, they have seen problems multiply with a leaking gutter they blame for water coming through the ceiling and a gap around the window they’ve had to reseal to keep out the cold.

Victoria claims she found herself trapped inside her “damp, mouldy flat” after the front door handle broke in the latest in a string of incidents. 

Her father told the Liverpool Echo: “Door handles in the flat were broken, including the front door handle – so much so the door handle came off and she couldn’t get out. Interior door handles were broken and the fridge.”

Tony said other issues include mould developing around the windows, which Victoria and Jack are spending a fortune on cleaning supplies to eliminate.

The father explained: “She had food in the fridge and freezer only for days later, to be told not to use it as they were aware it was broken and all her food became inedible.

“We’ve had to redo the silicone around the windows as they (the landlord) said they would do it but never did.

He added: “The vents within the flat are broken. We’ve changed the fuses, checked everything, and cannot get them to function.”

Victoria has constant condensation issues in the apartment because of these interior and other external issues. When it rains, it always leaks, and the gutters contribute to the issue. 

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