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Taxi driver tries to charge group of women £70 for 14-mile trip | UK | News

A taxi driver tried to charge a group of women nearly £70 – for a 14-mile journey.

Two friends were collected together and the cabbie stopped to fetch a third mate from an address nearby in Plymouth, Devon. They had intended to continue their trip the 14 miles north to Tavistock, Devon.

But the taxi driver said the remaining stint would take the total cost to £80 – although only £11.90 was already on the meter.

The women negiotated to £50 – but one had to walk a further two miles to her address.

A council has advised passengers to take down or take a photograph of the licence plate if they want to complain about taxi drivers, Plymouth Live says.

The woman, who ordered the taxi in Plymouth, said: “We were collected from the city centre again but this time needed to take a stop at North Prospect to drop off a friend to then continue to my home.

“We drove to North Prospect with the metre running and it got to £11.90. Once my friend was dropped off myself and my other friend, both females, were sat in the back and the driver said ‘now onto that postcode will be £80’. This was extortionate! The week prior we paid £40. We were not in the financial position to pay that for the taxi so we said how much will it be to Tavistock. His response was £50.

“This means he wanted an extra £30 to drive 2.1 miles to my home. We agreed to £50 to Tavistock and walked the rest of the way. This meant two lone young females being dropped to walk 2.1 miles home in the pitch black at 3am.”

On this occasion, the taxi started the journey in the Plymouth City Council authority but left it to reach its destination.

A spokesperson for the council, which the Tories lost to no overall control last year, said: “Drivers do not have to accept passengers who want to hire a taxi to an address outside the area controlled by Plymouth City Council. If they accept the journey, they must make it clear to the passenger the amount they plan to charge before starting the journey.

“They can calculate the fare using the meter but are not allowed to charge more than the permitted fare. While they can negotiate fares ending outside the city limits, demanding extortionate amounts is not encouraged as it is not good service and damages customer relations with the trade. The council sets the tariff for taxi drivers but not for private hire.

“We can investigate any complaints passengers have about taxi drivers – that includes excessive speeds – but cannot stress how important it is for passengers to take down or take a photograph of the licence plate. We have one recorded complaint from this customer and after contacting the driver, we responded to her complaint.”

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