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Sunak’s plan for Brexit bonfire faces setback as Labour-Lib Dem coalition move to block PM | Politics | News

The parties want an amendment to the Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill which would force the Commons and the Lords to debate each individual law singled out for removal. The REUL Bill puts a sunset on the enforcement of all laws imported from Brussels unless ministers state otherwise.

A Labour peer pushing the Bill called the Government’s handling “reckless” while the Lib Dems called it a “desperate power grab.”

If passed, the REUL Bill would make it easier for the UK Government, through Parliament, to amend, repeal and replace EU law retained after Brexit.

It also allows nearly all remaining retained EU law to be either repealed or absorbed into UK domestic law by December 31, 2023.

Baroness Chapman of Darlington said: “Labour opposes the Government’s entire approach to this Bill. Ministers are being reckless yet again, and that is why I have proposed this new clause. It is wrong for the Tories to be playing games with such important issues as animal welfare and consumer protections.”

No list of which laws could be ditched has been published.

Mr Sunak has consistently defended the need to pass the Bill.

A Government spokesperson said: “The REUL Bill will enable us to amend or remove burdensome retained EU law and ensure we can create the best regulatory environment in the UK to drive economic growth, boost innovation and develop a competitive advantage in future technology.

“We are committed to working collaboratively with Parliament to deliver this programme of work. That’s why we have ensured this Bill contains robust scrutiny mechanisms that will enable the appropriate scrutiny of any amendments or repeals of retained EU law.

“Any reforms will not come at the expense of the UK’s already high environmental standards, and ministers have been clear that we will maintain our international obligations.”

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