The entire building on Hamilton Terrace is ablaze as thick black smoke billows into the air.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has warned residents in the local area to keep their windows and doors closed.

Firefighters on scene are using two of LFB’s brand new 32-metre turntable ladders as water towers.

This allows the firefighters to get water on the external parts of St Mark’s Church.


LFB shared an update: “The Brigade’s 999 Control Officers have taken 22 calls to the blaze.

“The Brigade was called at 23.19pm. Fire crews from North Kensington, Paddington, West Hampstead, and surrounding fire stations are at the scene.

“The cause of the fire is not known at this time.”

According to people on scene, police have cordoned off Hamilton Terrace and Abercon Place.

Freelance journalist Mohamed Elmaazi has said: “Smoke from the church is reducing visibility in real time.

“Overall impressive response time of Police and firefighters.”

He added that a number of people have gathered to witness the blaze “with one local resident saying that the smell of burn[t] plastic led them to exit the house”.

He said: “The smell is now overwhelming, the smoke making its way down the street and through open windows.”

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