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Snow charts for UK could see huge icy start to March as cold weather bites | UK | News

Snow looks set to be heading to the UK as spring nears as forecasters predict sudden warming in Arctic will push cold weather south to Britain. Weather charts show blizzard-like conditions could blanket much of the country with a cold start to March and an intense period of snow lasting for over 18 hours.

According to WX Charts cold fronts will bring icy conditions from Friday March 3 with considerable snow coverage landing on Monday March 6. The most intense flurries are expected between Birmingham and London where 5cm could be falling per hour. A blast of wintry conditions on the Monday could lead to prolonged snowfall in places overnight lasting for 18 hours.

The storm will also see intense rains in the south-west and Wales with modelling for precipitation at a rate of 5mm per hour. Earlier this week, Adam Scaife, a long-range forecaster at the Met Office, warned that a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) could see the winter weather last well into March.

Mr Scaife said: “It’s one of the most dramatic events in the atmosphere and causes the winds to collapse. That is taking place now and it’s drawing in the colder air from Russia and Siberia. It means the month of March is at greater risk of easterly winds and colder weather than it otherwise would be.”

When an SSW occurs it causes usually high cold air to fall in altitude down from the stratosphere and warm, this forces the cold polar air in the troposphere, the layer underneath the stratosphere, to spill out of the Arctic region into temperate areas like the UK.

Atmospheric scientist Dr Simon Lee, co-editor in chief of the Royal Meteorological Society journal ‘Weather’, tweeted that a ‘major sudden stratospheric warming (SSW)’ occurred last week.

If Britons will be shivering in a late winter blast or battling storms will become clearer by the middle of next week, experts predict.

Dr Todd Crawford, meteorologist for The Weather Company, told GB News: “The potential SSW may delay the onset of spring, but climate models are generally cooler/wetter than they have been in recent years, which would be a welcome outcome after the very dry and warm year last year.”

The SSW in February and March 2018 led to major snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures across the UK.

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Meanwhile, the UK was forecast a relatively mild start to this week with showers and above average temperatures Rain is expected in the northwest of England, as well as central Scotland. It’ll be brighter for the far north of Scotland, as well as the Midlands, and Southern England.


Another mostly dry and mild day. Often cloudy, though some sunny spells are possible, largely in the east. Further rain and drizzle affecting northwestern hills.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Occasional rain or showers Wednesday and Thursday, brighter interludes between. Daytime temperatures average, but some frosty nights. Turning colder and brighter on Friday, but blustery wintry showers in the east.

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