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Selfish neighbour’s car towed after he refused to stop leaving it in disabled parking bay | Weird | News

A former paramedic has told the story of how he asked for someone’s car to be towed because they refused to remove it from a neighbour’s disabled parking space and were therefore restricting access to emergency service vehicles. The person in question was allegedly in a feud with his neighbour over parking spaces and was known to park in the disabled space. Despite receiving multiple letters and fines from the local council, the man reportedly continued to park in the space.

The feud reached a critical point when the neighbour fell over in their home and needed an ambulance to take them to the local hospital.

Recounting the story on Reddit, the unnamed paramedic said that when he arrived at the scene the parking space was blocked and the man had parked a second car across the driveway.

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The paramedic wrote: “We got a call to a house where there was a bariatric patient who had fallen. The patient was morbidly obese and weighed around 30 stone. This story isn’t really about them though.

“There are many reasons people get to this size and I’ve never judged, only helped. No, the problem here was a really arrogant neighbour we had come across before, and boy was this chap a judgemental moron.

“Our patient had a car and a disabled parking permit. They also had a council-designated disabled parking spot outside their home which the neighbour kept parking in. There had been a number of letters from the council regarding this and a number of parking fines just served to annoy this chap even more.

“On the day of the story, I took the call that the patient had fallen and we went to the house. Sure enough, the neighbour was not only parked in the disabled spot but had parked a second car blocking access to the patient’s driveway. I assessed the patient and suspected they had a broken hip, so needed to go in.”

They added: “I sent my colleague round to the neighbour to ask them to move the cars and when they came back I was told the neighbour had just told my colleague to ‘do one’.

“No problem, time to get the message home. I radioed through to our control centre and asked for the fire service and police. We needed the fire service to help lift the guy and the police to do a little parking control.”

When the fire service arrived the paramedic said they received a similar response from the neighbour. The situation escalated further when the paramedic determined that the patient’s life was “at risk” without appropriate treatment.

Following this escalation, the fire crew tried to help by using their fire engine to move cars out of the way. The paramedic said: “The watch commander told the fire engine driver to ‘move those vehicles’. It was really satisfying to see both vehicles being pushed down the road by the fire service, and the look on the neighbour’s face as he came out spitting and screaming was well worth seeing.”

After both vehicles were moved, the neighbour reportedly complained to the police, but to no avail.

The paramedic said: “His complaints to the police fell on deaf ears, they were well aware of his history of obstruction and my clinical assessment that the patient’s life was in danger was more than enough justification for the vehicles to be moved.”

While the vehicles were moved, the story took a tragic turn. The paramedic said the patient passed away in hospital a few months after the incident.

However, they said the incident had brought a smile to their patient’s face when they were leaving their home.

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