Workers who witnessed the huge boat in Edinburgh nearly topple have described their horror at witnessing such a terrifying situation. The Scottish Ambulance Service said 21 people were taken to hospital following the incident at Leith Docks on Wednesday morning while another 12 were treated and discharged at the scene. 

Now, workers have described what it was like to witness the shocking moment.

James Walsh, 39, and a scaffolder on the docks, was working nearby when he suddenly heard a loud noise.

He described how one of his friends who worked on the boat had left to go to the toilet, and then returned to see it in a precarious situation.

He said: “He had just put his tool bag down and thought ‘I’m going to nip to the toilet’, went away to the toilet, and he said he doesn’t know where his workmates were.”

“It’s scary. Very scary. Just makes you evaluate everything really.”

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