The Duchess was very complimentary about her former in-laws, praising the late Queen Elizabeth and claiming her ex-husband Prince Andrew was a “good man”.

She also revealed that she has not received an invite to King Charles’s Coronation in May, unlike Harry and Meghan who have been invited, but not yet confirmed if they will attend.

At the event, Fergie was asked what advice she would give the Sussexes and the Prince and Princess of Wales on keeping a marriage happy in the public eye.

She said: “I think the best way to answer that is to really take hold and lead by example. I wouldn’t give advice, I would say that your actions speak louder than words.”

The Duchess shared a close bond with Harry and William’s mother Princess Diana, and added that she would be very proud of her family, as King Charles is.

She said: “Diana and I, we played a lot and had a great time. I feel like she would be absolutely, and so is the King, so proud of their grandchildren and the family… I think forgiveness is key.”

Speaking of the King, Fergie joked that her attendance at his Coronation is still “TBD” as she has yet to receive her invitation.

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She said: said: “Well I’ve decided the best thing about being British around a coronation – although I’ve never been to one – I think we should, I should set up a tea room at the bottom of the drive with bunting and cakes.”

Days earlier Fergie gave another interview in which she explained she would “always be there” for her ex-husband Prince Andrew.

Despite divorcing in 1996, the pair have remained close and even still live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

She added that the Queen had been grateful for Fergie’s support during a difficult few years for Andrew since he stepped down as a working royal.

She told The Telegraph : “Because also, during the last three years, her poor son [Andrew] has been going through such a tumultuous time and I think HM was very relieved I could help her with him, so we became even closer then.

“I’ve always admired and adored her. Really, she was more of a mother to me than my mother.”

When asked if the Queen was confident she would be there for Andrew after her death, Sarah added: “She knew.

“I will always be there. Always. Because I love her.”

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