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Ryanair stewardess told ‘get your t**s out’ by chanting Man Utd fans on flight | UK | News

An air stewardess who had only been on the job for three months was told “get your t**s out” by Manchester United fans on a rowdy flight to Barcelona. The “drunk” fans were captured shouting and even asked her to join them in the toilet. Chloe Harrison was working RyanAir’s 6pm flight to Barcelona from Manchester the day before United and FC Barcelona’s landmark clash in the Europe League on Thursday (February 23).

Her supervisor had warned the 25-year-old that football fans would be on board the two-hour flight as they reportedly sold out of beer and vodka on board.

The rowdy group were heard shouting “get your t*ts out”, “we love you Chloe, we do” and, with fans each waving a shoe in the air, “shoes off if you love Chloe”.

Chloe posted the video on TikTok with the footage surpassing 2.7million views as she claims she was unfazed by their behaviour.

Chloe, from Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, said: “I turned up on the flight and my cabin supervisor told me ‘we’ve got a few football fans on, it should be okay, they seem alright’.

“I walked to the back of the plane and looked and it was just full of men. There were like three women on the flight.

“Even when we were doing the safety demo, they were starting to do small chants about football.

“We pulled the trolley out to do the service and as soon as the seatbelt signs went off, they all came to the back to try to go to the toilet. I was thinking ‘this is going to be a nightmare’.”

But as the flight continued, the chants began on board the flight.

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“I just wanted to climb inside the rubbish bag,” she said. “They all took their shoes off and I could hear them chanting ‘shoes off if you love Chloe’. They were just having a good laugh, excited for the football and going on holiday. When they were leaving, a few were even joking ‘come in the toilet with us,’” she added.

“They were all trying to leave through the back and ask for my Instagram, I kept telling them I don’t have it. They were saying ‘I’ll never forget you’.” But despite some calling out the group, she says she didn’t mind.

“It made my day go faster, it was fun. I’ve only worked there [at RyanAir] for three months, but when I spoke to everyone they said it’s never been like that before apart from maybe in the summer when people are off to a party place like Ibiza. They were all harmless. A few made a few comments or tried to grab me as I was walking down but I just said ‘don’t do that’. Other than that they were all funny.

“Even when they said ‘get your t*ts out’ and ‘Chloe’s got a nice arse’, it didn’t really bother me at all. If there was any trouble we could have got the police on arrival, but we didn’t need that.”

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