A woman has been left “devastated” after her terrier Chica suffered from a heart attack and died after being scared by fireworks. Debbie Lucas from Knowsley Village, near Liverpool, said the uncertainty around fireworks being set off makes life difficult for dog owners.

Last Friday evening around 7:30PM, Debbie said her dog Chica was frightened by “very loud” bangs which she believes were caused by fireworks.

On Twitter, another woman reported about the incident and wrote: “Some fools have let off industrial fireworks near my brother’s place and his neighbour’s dog has had a heart attack and died. Why aren’t they banned yet?”

Debbie spoke with the Liverpool Echo and what happened and said Chica had been scratching at the door to be let out after Debbie and her husband had finished their dinner.

After letting Chica out into the garden, Debbie recalled:”There were no sounds at this point, it was just a normal evening. I let her out, it was dark and she was reluctant to go out, but she did.”

Debbie was inside cleaning up when she heard Chica barking while sounding “quite distressed.”

She continued: “I opened the door and we could hear banging that sounded like fireworks. She’s a very anxious dog, she was always very scared of fireworks.”

Debbie and her husband have always been cautious about Chica being around fireworks, as the dog had been frightened by fireworks and loud bangs since being a puppy.

Debbie said: “She got spooked one bonfire night when she was a puppy and from there, she has been really scared. It’s got incredibly bad as she has got older.

“She’s petrified of any bangs now. We’ve always been very cautious of it and we’ve never been able to stay around here on Bonfire Night – it’s too bad.”

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Unfortunately, as soon as Debbie’s husband got Chica into the house, it was too late.

Debbie said: “My husband got her in. As soon as she got into the kitchen, she just collapsed.

“Her back legs went. He picked her up and she looked like she was having a seizure. Next thing, we just knew. It was like a heart attack, her head was back.

“We took her into the lounge. I tried to perform CPR on her, but by that point I think she had already died.”

Debbie said she and her husband are “devastated” by the loss of their dog, and added: “It was absolutely horrendous. There was no chance we could have taken her to a vet, it was too late and she was already having a heart attack.”

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It is currently unknown why fireworks were being set off in Knowsley Village last Friday night.

She said: “It’s the end of January. Why are people setting fireworks off? It cannot go on like this. We can’t prepare for fireworks like this. It’s so unpredictable, it’s out of the blue.

“We could get fireworks at any time – you can prepare for Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve, but like this it’s so random, it could be any time.”

The RSPCA has said each year there are cases of cats and dogs like Chica being frightened by fireworks, and some result in the pet dying after the fright.

In a statement, the charity said: “We’re piling pressure on the Government to bring in tighter controls around fireworks after a number of shocking incidents in which animals were attacked with fireworks or died having been spooked.”

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