Meghan Markle was filmed comforting Prince Harry in the clip, which first aired in the final episode of their bombshell Netflix docu-series, ‘Harry and Meghan’. In the clip, which was filmed shortly after their joint interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Meghan is heard reading aloud a statement from Queen Elizabeth II to her husband, before Harry shows her his phone. Meghan asks Harry, ‘What am I looking at?”, before realising it was a text from his brother. She replies with, “Wow”.

Meghan, who was on the phone with Tyler Perry in the clip, tells the filmmaker that “H just got a text from his brother”, before hanging up the phone.

Harry appeared to be surprised and shaken by the text, before telling his wife, “I wish I knew what to do”. Meghan then goes to hug Harry and tells him, “Let’s take a breather. Get some air and then decide”.

The clip resurfaced after it was shared by a user named @thetvandmoviequeen on TikTok. The video, which received more than a million views, collected praise for the couple, one of which wrote, “They’re really in love with each other”.

The viral video comes as Harry and Meghan, who received an invite to the Coronation in May, have failed to confirm whether they will be in attendance, or not.


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