The Royal Family have been advised to be “smart” and “seek peace” with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ahead of the historic coronation of King Charles III. The milestone event will see the new monarch officially crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6, However, doubts remain over whether Harry ad Meghan will be invited to the Coronation and if so, whether they will actually accept that invitation to attend.

There have been reported cracks in the relationship between the two parties, particularly following bombshell claims made against the Royal Family in the couple’s Netflix documentary series and Harry’s recent memoir, Spare.

But the Royal Family are being urged to make peace with Harry and Meghan ahead of King Charles’ Coronation in three-months’ time.

Washington Post associate opinion editor Autumn Brewington wrote for the publication: “According to Buckingham Palace, the May 6 coronation will “reflect the Monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry.”

“But all the chatter about coronation, carriages and the rest are mere window dressing while the House of Windsor remains at war with itself. If the royals — or their advisers — were smart, they would seek peace with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.”

King Charles has reportedly requested Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, broker a deal for his youngest son Harry to attend his Coronation.

Harry and Meghan quit their roles as working members of the Royal Family at the start of 2020 when they relocated from the UK to the US in what has now famously become known as ‘Megxit’.

The couple attended the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last June with their young children Archie and Lilibet, although they maintained a low profile.

There is no official confirmation yet on who’s attending the coronation or which members of the Royal Family will appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony following the event.

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But Ms Brewington further wrote: “Whatever one thinks of Harry and Meghan, the monarchy depends on optics.

“Royal parades and processions are routine spectacles with a singular goal: engendering goodwill and support for what is ultimately an elitist, classist, hereditary institution. Smearing the palace machinery — or dishing on family dysfunction — ruins the mystique.

“There’s also a tension between the idea that this will be a ‘diverse’ coronation and the question of whether Charles embraces the mixed-race part of his family. The sight of Charles, in crown, holding up Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, on coronation day would go a long way to reverse recent damage.

“It could also signal royal pride in their family’s diversity — or at least acknowledge the value in reflecting more of the people over whom the king reigns.”

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Meanwhile, can reveal Harry and Meghan will be invited to the Coronation, with a detailed plan is underway to ensure the couple do not overshadow the proceedings in any way, a Whitehall source said.

The insider said: “They’re on the list and planning is well underway to make sure the proceedings run as smooth as possible – without any drama.”

Officials especially want to reduce the chance of Harry and older brother Prince William being seen in public together, and are organising seating arrangements at Westminster Abbey to avoid the brothers being pictured together.

Invitations to the service are being sent out in the next few weeks after the final guest list is confirmed, according to the source. Harry and Meghan are currently on the 2,000-strong list, alongside royals – both domestic and foreign, dignitaries and world leaders.

But the Sussexes have long to make their minds up on whether they’re going to make the trip to the UK for the Coronation, as RSVPs are understood to be wanted by the start of April.

Royal commentator Afua Hagan is adamant Harry will make the effort to appear, as he has his heart set on reconciling with his family. She said: “Attending the Coronation is the first step on the road to reconciliation.”

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