Royal Family LIVE: Harry and Meghan’s bitter pill to swallow after taking revenge on Kate | Royal | News

A bodyguard who famously worked for Princess Diana believes “something is not quite right” with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relationship, as he raised concerns over Harry’s happiness following the release of his new bombshell book.

Ken Wharfe, who worked as the late Princess of Wales’ personal protection officer between 1988 and 1993, was asked by GB News’ Mark Dolan if he believes Meghan Markle has brainwashed Prince Harry.

Mr Wharf responded: “Well I think that when you look at the wedding and the public events that followed – an event in Nottingham and that event in London – she [Meghan] is the consummate actress, the consummate performer.

“You could see the look in Harry’s eyes saying ‘hey look what I’ve got, it’s amazing’, but where did it all fall apart?”

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