Russell Myers, royal editor at the Daily Mirror and co-host of Pod Save The Queen, discussed on the latest episode of the podcast King Charles’s decision to evict from Frogmore Cottage Meghan and Harry.

He said: “At the very least, the King was given a complete dossier of all the main points and allegations that Harry had made. And upon reading this, the King was instructed to follow through with this plan.

“Now, of course, you could say, why on earth is he chucking out Harry and Megan when they have paid back the money on Frogmore Cottage that they had promised to? They had a rental agreement in place. It had been a gift from the Queen. And then you’ve got the problem of putting Prince Andrew up at another royal residence when he has disgraced himself and the Royal Family.

“So there is so much to unpick and I suppose so many layers of this argument. And again, this is only going to make things worse. Of course, it is.”

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