Surrey: Protesters stage rally near homes following school attack

Enraged protesters have held a rally close to the homes of people they believe are responsible for a violent attack on a black teenage girl on Monday. Five arrests have been made, including two girls, both 11, on suspicion of attempted racially aggravated grievous bodily harm. Another girl, 15, is still being pursued by the authorities. In addition, a 39-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man are also being held.

London rapper Dave has called for teachers at the school attended by the girl to be sacked following the incident, saying that staff did not react to the violence quickly enough.

Footage of the incident, which has gone viral online, shows a black and a white girl both fighting on the corner of Salcombe Road and Stanwell Close in Surrey, before another white girl joins the confrontation by pulling the black girl’s braids. Several other white girls involve themselves in the violence, before school staff emerge on the scene to diffuse the incident. The video footage shows several braids strewn over the road and pavement as the fighting takes place.

Thomas Knyvett College said after the incident: “There was a serious assault on Monday 6 February 2023 on the junction of Salcombe Road and Stanwell Road close to Thomas Knyvett College, soon after the end of the school day. 

“The police were called, and they have made a number of arrests in connection with this incident, and their investigation is ongoing.”

Raspect Fyahbingh (C) from Forever Family speaks outside...

Raspect Fyahbingh from Forever Family leading the protests (Image: Getty)

Raspect Fyahbingh from Forever Family speaks with a police...

Police speaking to Raspect Fyahbingh (Image: Getty)

Responding to the horrific incident, rap star Dave told his legion of Twitter followers: “So this principal RICHARD BEESON in Ashford’s Thomas Knyvett College is gonna stroll in and watch as that black child is ATTACKED by a mob and they think that can run? WE NEED HIM OUT OF THAT JOB ASAP.”

He added: “Don’t make this weird Thomas Knyvett ’cause we will wait outside of your college grounds till every member of staff in this video is sacked. DO THE RIGHT THING BEFORE WE FORCE YOU TO’.”

Following the attack, protesters, some appearing to be dressed in stab-proof, paramilitary-style vests, descended on the home of the people they believed were responsible for the attack.

Member of the Forever Family, a protest group, could be heard chanting: “I don’t know what you’ve been told. I don’t know what them man heard, family’s taking back our turf. Our children will be protected, our elders will be respected.”

Raspect Fyahbinghi, from Forever Family, speaks outside...

Thomas Knyvett College, Surrey (Image: Getty)

Protesters also shouted “all for one and one for all, we’ll pull up outside your door” and took to the street immediately outside the school to voice their anger.

The schoolgirl at the centre of the vicious attack reportedly voice her concern that an ambush was incoming in the day running up to the incident. A Snapchat message is reported to have circulated around the school, threatening the victim. The message sees a girl repeating racial slurs and warning: “I’m going to rip every dreadlock out of your big fat head.”

In response to the sickening incident, the college also said: “Uppermost in our thoughts has been the welfare and care of the victim, but The Howard Partnership Trust, of which Thomas Knyvett College is a part, is aware this incident has caused tension among the wider community.

“We are taking this situation extremely seriously and are working with all agencies involved. We need to ask for calm and patience while vital work is undertaken to establish the facts. To this end, in the interests of safety of all concerned, we have taken the decision to close the school early today.”

Raspect Fyahbingh (R) from Forever Family speaks outside...

Protesters with dogs outside Thomas Knyvett (Image: Getty)

A petition calling for the head of Thomas Knyvett College, Richard Beeson, to be brought “to book” has already garnered more than 91,000 signatures. The petition says: “A young black female student was viciously attacked by a white female student, her sisters and mother right outside her school – Thomas Knyvett college. 

“No attempt was made by anyone to stop this vicious attack. The principal at this college, casually strolls into the scene and does nothing to break up the fight. He allows the perpetrators of the crime to walk away after inflicting bodily harm on the young girl. Enough is enough! Black Lives Matter!”

A statement from Surrey Police said: “Over the last three days officers have been investigating the serious racially aggravated assault which took place outside a school in Ashford on Monday. 

“In total five people were arrested for offences including attempted racially aggravated GBH, harassment, and child neglect. More than 50 officers and staff have been involved with both the investigation and engagement with the local community, who are understandably extremely concerned about the attack. Officers continue to work hard to build a case to present to the CPS for a charging decision to deliver justice for both victims. While this work takes place, the suspects have been released on bail until March.” has approached Thomas Knyvett College for additional comment. 

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