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Princess Kate’s ‘orchestrated’ attempt to refute Meghan’s hugging claim | Royal | News

Ms Fiorito noted the post, saying: “It does feel a little orchestrated,” to which Ms Bowie agreed, adding: “Oh, it does.”

“There’s definitely some weird feelings about it because you are making an effort to hug people that, I feel like, normally you wouldn’t,” Ms Fiorito said.

The Princess was patron of Captain Chandi’s expedition, which covered 922 miles in 70 days and 16 hours, breaking the world record for the furthest unsupported solo polar ski expedition in history.

Captain Chandi’s visit to Landau Forte College, which is located in her hometown, marked the beginning of a UK-wide tour of schools. During the recent outing, Captain Chandi, nicknamed ‘Polar Preet’, spoke to students about her expedition and was joined by Kate in presenting an award to one of the winners of the officer’s national school logo competition.

Later, the Princess joined pupils as they took part in some activities which bring to life the expedition, including some examples of how Preet trained. When attempting to pull two tyres attached to a harness, which weighed 44lb (20kg) each, Kate admitted: “I need to do some training.”

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