But after the birth of Baby Brooksbank in the summer, the couple could find a new home in the States, much like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did in March 2020, the Mail on Sunday’s Diary Editor Emily Prescott wrote.

The journalist reported a friend claiming the Sussexes have been sending Eugenie details of homes close to where they live in Montecito, a star-studded neighbourhood in Santa Barbara.

However, Ms Prescott said to have been told Eugenie and Jack are looking at homes in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

Eugenie, who pairs her activism with a job at an art gallery, and Jack plan to rent first before buying their own home in the US, Ms Prescott added.

Her source told the Mail on Sunday: “With a growing family, it all feels like it is about new starts. This isn’t just a pipe dream.”

Meghan and Harry’s relocation to the US happened just days before they were due to officially step down as working members of the Firm – a process which was dubbed Megxit – and lose, as a consequence, their taxpayer-funded security.

They initially found shelter at the home of actor and producer Tyler Perry before buying their own mansion after finding financial independence from the Firm through multi-year deals with entertainment giants.

Eugenie, who is known to be very close to her cousin Harry, has already live across the pond, albeit on the East Coast.

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Between 2013 and 2015, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson spent two years in New York while she worked at auction house Paddle8.

Jack and Eugenie currently split their time between Portugal and the Windsor.

The decision to live in the Mediterranean country was reportedly due to Jack’s new job with Discovery Land Company, a real estate developer and operator of private communities and resorts owned by Mike Meldman.

The company has properties scattered around the US, which could make the move to the States rather smooth for Eugenie and Jack.

Mr Meldman was previously a partner in the Casamigos tequila brand, for which Eugenie’s husband had worked as a brand ambassador.


Princess Eugenie was last spotted in the US in February last year, when visited Prince Harry and Meghan and went with his cousin to the Super Bowl match.

She also made a brief appearance at the end of the Sussexes’ first Netflix docu-series, Harry and Meghan, where Eugenie is seen playing and laughing with the couple’s firstborn Archie.

Eugenie was positively mentioned also in Prince Harry‘s memoir Spare.

Among other moments with Eugenie, Harry recalled Meghan preparing dinner at Nottingham Cottage when they were still only dating for his friend Charlie, the Princess and Jack.

Harry wrote: “The salmon turned out perfectly and everyone complimented Meg on her culinary talents. They also devoured her stories. They wanted to hear all about Suits. And her travels. I was grateful for their interest, their warmth.”

He added: “I remember Euge hugging Meg, as if they were sisters. I remember Charlie giving me a thumbs-up. I remember thinking: If meeting the rest of my family goes like this, we’re home free.”

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