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Prince Harry slammed over drug use as Americans ask ‘do we still want him here’ | US | News

Prince Harry has been slammed over his drug use with Americans asking whether they still “want him” in the US, according to a royal expert. The Duke admitted to using cocaine, marijuana and psychedelics, something which has drawn the ire of a group in Washington which is demanding to look over Harry’s US visa application to make sure he didn’t receive special treatment.

Typically in the United States, visa applicants are asked about their criminal history and past drug use and experts have warned that Prince Harry could even face deportation if he lied on his application.

“When you apply for a visa in any country, it’s the same when you come here, you’re essentially a guest. You might come to work or to live but you’re basically expected to be on your best behaviour,” royal expert Richard Eden said on Palace Confidential.

He added: “When you move to a country, like Harry has to the USA, and then you start bringing out a book [detailing] drug use, talking about how great it was for you and then you appear in that interview with [Dr Gabor Maté], again, he was talking about the benefits of drug use – I think people in America, from what I hear, they’re starting to ask ‘do we still want him here? Is he a guest that we welcome?'”

The visa row kicked off when the conservative think-tank The Heritage Foundation demanded to view the Prince’s application after he admitted to using illegal drugs. Although the Duke said cocaine “did nothing for me” he touted the use of marijuana and psychedelics to help him with his mental health issues.

Visa applications in the US typically remain confidential under the Immigration and Nationality Act, however, Prince Harry‘s admission could come back to haunt him over any new visa applications.

Additionally, if the Duke lied on his original application he could be deported back to the UK and barred from ever applying for US citizenship. It’s long been speculated Harry holds an O-1 visa for people with an “extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics” or an “extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television industry”.

That visa typically runs out after three years meaning that Prince Harry could need to reapply in the near future as he’s been living in the States for almost three years.

The Duke’s immediate family are all likely US citizens: Meghan Markle is an American and Princess Lilibet Diana was born in the US granting her automatic citizenship. Prince Archie Harrison, although born in London, is likely eligible for US citizenship though his mother.

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