Prince Harry revealed what it was like growing up inside a “castle” as he sat down for his latest interview. The 38-year-old sat down with Dr Gabor Maté, in an undisclosed location, to discuss the importance of healing and living life after having experienced a loss. Harry’s guest has caused some public fury, due to some “inappropriate” comments made by Mr Maté, including one in which he labelled Hamas rockets as “heroes”.

The virtual event was held on Saturday, March 4, and was hosted by Penguin Random House as tickets sold out.

In the final question of the session, Harry was asked whether he had been able to roam castles as a child and whether he found any trapdoors.

He said: “Certainly as kids it was an an adventure running around that kind of a place. Not so many trapdoors but lots of fun things to investigate.

“You think that it’s normal but it’s anything but.”

Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in New York, said: “Whoever made the arrangements to have this individual appear with Prince Harry, did him no favours.

“If Prince Harry knew this man’s record and still chose him for the interview, our Centre would criticise the prince for such an inappropriate choice.”

Upon purchasing tickets, fans were able to submit questions for Prince Harry to potentially answer during the Q&A segment of the event.

The terms and conditions for the event stated that the “chat will be disabled”.

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They also stated that any questions submitted “will be read by the moderator” prior to the event.

Filming the event is “strictly prohibited”, as stated in the terms and conditions, with anyone who breaks the rule “prevented from registering for Penguin Random House events in the future”.

In Spare, Harry gave an insight into his feelings of grief surrounding the tragic death of his late mother, Princess Diana.

Ticket holders received a copy of the memoir as part of their purchase.

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