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Prince Harry news: Royal facing ‘serious problem’ after taking drugs on US soil | Royal | News

Prince Harry could have a “serious problem” after he shared he took drugs while in the US, a royal correspondent said. Under US immigration law, people who admitted to taking drugs are not eligible for visas.

But Harry is described in Spare smoking cannabis with Tyler Perry and taking magic mushrooms at Courtney Cox’s house, all of which he claimed took place in America.

Now, royal journalist Robert Jobson has said that if Harry lied on his visa application, he could have a “really serious problem”

He said he found out “very early on” when he and photographer Arthur Edwards “had been filling out forms to go to America” that drugs can bar you from entering the US.

“On it, it’s pretty damn clear ‘have you taken drugs’ and all these things, and basically, if you have, you haven’t got a prayer of getting a visa,” he said.

TalkTV’s Sarah Hewson then suggested that either Harry has “lied or he’s been given special treatment”.

Jobson then told the broadcaster: “If he’s lied on the form that would be a really serious problem for him.

“We know he’s the husband of an American citizen and that’s fine but you know he’s gone public with saying he’s taken all this stuff, and he can say ‘well I haven’t done it since’ but …”

After Hewson and commentator Emily Andrews noted Harry admitting to taking drugs in America, Jobson added: “There’s not been an awful lot of thought gone into this, but the fact is that if that form has been signed and he’s lied on it, he has got a problem.”

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Conservatives in America have pushed for Harry’s visa application to be made public.

According to the US’ immigration law, people who have admitted to drug offences are not eligible for a visa.

In Spare, and in interviews promoting the book, Harry admitted to using cocaine as a teenager.

The royal described trying the drug at a hunting weekend party in order to feel something different, and also told ITV’s Tom Brady that it was “important to acknowledge” his use of drugs.

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