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Prince Harry could ‘make case’ for US security protection after his Taliban kill claim | Royal | News

Prince Harry could “make a case” to receive security protection in the US as a “distinguished foreign guest”, former CIA counter-terrorism officer Bruce Riedel has claimed. Mr Riedel, who now works as a senior fellow for the Brookings Institution think tank, added: “Some ambassadors are given special protection. It would help if the British government weighed in. He has taken a risk in his statement about killing 25 Taliban but it is not a big risk.” Speaking with The Sun, the commentator added the Taliban never operated in the US since the war in Afghanistan had begun and don’t have an international reach, particularly not in the States.

In his book Spare, Prince Harry revealed to have killed 25 Taliban – a number, he said, he would have preferred “not to have” on his military CV. In his memoir, the Duke of Sussex also said it was paramount for him to retain, after he stepped down as a working royal, the security level granted to him throughout his life to keep his family safe. However, he claimed he was taken away the taxpayer-funded security at the end of March 2020. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s relocation to California that year also sparked a clash with then-President Donald Trump, who said the US Government would not fund their security. The Sussexes responded by saying they had “no plans to ask the US government for security resources”.


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