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Prince Harry attacked by defence secretary Ben Wallace for ‘boasting’ of Taliban kills | Royal | News

has been attacked by defence secretary for “boasting” about how many Taliban fighters he killed while serving in Afghanistan. The government minister said the prince has “let down” his former army colleagues, with the comment in the book sparking anger from the Armed Forces.

Mr Wallace told LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “I frankly think boasting about tallies… Distorts the fact that the army is a team game. It’s a team enterprise. It’s not about who can shoot the most.

“If you start talking about who did what [you’re] letting down all those other people, because you’re not a better person because you did and they didn’t’.”

In Spare the Duke of Sussex referred to those he had killed as “chess pieces”.

He said during an interview on US television that he had included the details to help reduce suicides amongst Army veterans, however it goes against the long-running soldier’s tradition of not discussing “kill count”.

After the interview was broadcast a number of British troops suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and their families came forward to say they found the information upsetting.

Harry insisted while talking to Stephen Colbert “my words are not dangerous”.

Yet since he made this claim the Taliban’s leaders have called for the Duke to stand trial for his “war crimes”.

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