After the success of their Netflix documentary and Prince Harry’s recent memoir, it has been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made some key staff changes at their company Archewell. The content production company was set up in 2020 when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals.


Variety has revealed that Archewell has had some recent big hires at the company but two major workers at the organisation will be leaving when their contracts come to an end.

Ben Browning, the current head of content at Archwell will be leaving the company later on this year.

Mr Browning is an Oscar-nominated producer for the movie ‘Promising Young Woman’ and oversaw the making of the documentary ‘Harry and Meghan’ for Netflix.

The documentary explored the reasons why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left their positions as senior members of the Royal Family to move to Califonia.

The series became the most-streamed premiere of a documentary for Netflix, with 81.5 million minutes watched by viewers within the first week.

Fara Taylor, the head of Archewell’s marketing department, will also leave her position this year and the marketing area of the company will be streamlined.

Ms Taylor worked on the marketing campaigns for the podcast ‘Archtypes’ as well as the documentary ‘Harry and Meghan’.

More recently, she worked on the campaign for Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ which the royal recently gave a number of interviews to major television networks to promote the book.

The book quickly became the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time in the UK after it sold 467,183 copies in its first week.

It has been reported that neither Ms Taylor nor Mr Browning’s positions will not be replaced and their job titles will be dissolved.

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However, as workers leave the company, more staff has also been hired, as Ms Hansen’s team will be expanded with new hires Maren Thomas, the new press secretary, and Deesha Tank, the new manager of communications.

Shauna Nep will also be joining Archwell as its new co-executive director and will be working alongside James Holt, the current executive director.

At the end of 2022, Serena Regan was also hired as the head of podcasts after the success of Meghan Markle’s podcast ‘Archetypes’ which examines harmful labels that stereotype women.

The podcast has been at the top of Spotify’s charts in 47 counties and also won the “Pop Podcast of 2022” at the People’s Choice Awards.

The last episode of the podcast aired in late November, and while a second season of the hit show has not yet been officially announced, reports have stated that a new season is “expected” to be released.

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