Police searching for Nicola Bulley, 45, have appealed for a witness they believe was nearby to come forward. The police believe the woman, seen pushing a pram on the morning of January 27, may be key to finding out what happened to Ms Bulley.

The police believe Ms Bulley fell into the River Wyre whilst walking her dog. However, her family have claimed there is “no evidence” for this theory.

The woman police want to speak to was seen walking along Garstang Road/Blackpool Lane in the village of St Michael’s from the direction of Allotment Lane towards the Grapes Pub at around 8.22am.

She was next seen walking along the same stretch of road at 8.41am. It is believed she could have walked along the river path during this time.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “It is believed that the female in question may have walked along the river path during these times and so detective want to speak to her and urge her to get in touch.”

Ms Bulley was last seen next to the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, walking her dog after dropping her children off at school.

Her dog was found by another dog walker around 25 minutes after she was last seen.

In recent days detectives have made a fresh appeal for drivers who may have dashcam footage from the area where Ms Bulley was last seen to come forward.

The search by police has been carried out using police divers, a helicopter, and drones. 

However, no trace of Ms Bulley has yet been found.

The police said: “It is really important that we gather as much footage as possible from the area that morning, so we can review every piece meticulously to establish whether Nicola can be seen.”

As well as appealing for witnesses, Police are using other means to try and find out what happened to Ms Bulley.

A friend of Ms Bulley, Emma White, told The Sun the police were trying to extract data from her Fitbit watch.

They said: “The Fitbit had not been synced since Tuesday. The police are trying other ways to try and get information from it. We still have no evidence and that’s why we’re out again in force.”

The search for Ms Bulley continues.

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