A woman was brutally attacked by her neighbour’s pet money as it ripped her ear outside her front door on Sunday afternoon. The monkey launched the surprise attack after trying to get into her house. Parker has been warned she may lose hearing in one ear after needing plastic surgery to fix it up.

She told Fox Oklahoma: “I was sitting here in this exact spot and I looked out the window and there was a monkey looking at me.

“I took a second glance and said ‘Oh my God! There is a monkey on the front porch.’

“The monkey was trying to get into my house.

“The little button that you push in on the screen door, he broke it off. I was literally hanging onto my door trying to hold it closed.

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“He jumped up on my back and landed on my head.

“He started grabbing handfuls of hair and just ripped it out. He ripped my ear almost completely off of my head.”

Parker said she is really worried for her children’s safety. She added: “It was all very scary. It was very traumatising.”

A friend of Parker’s fired two shots and killed the monkey named Jack, according to owners.

Dickson Police Chief Tim Duncan said in his 20 years of being in law enforcement, he’s seen a lot of animal-at-large calls – but never a monkey.

He revealed he was so taken aback by the call that he was not sure if it was a hoax.

He said: “It’s Oklahoma, it happens. We get animal calls all the time. It’s something that we deal with, it’s just- monkeys are not a normal thing for us.”

The police chief noted it is not illegal to have a pet monkey in the state.

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