An 81-year-old woman has been found guilty of assault after a petty dispute over parking on a communal grass verge in a well-to-do cul-de-sac. Eunice Day was caught on camera marching towards Suzanne Webb’s home in Ferndown, Dorset, prior to attacking the neighbour.

A court heard that Day had offended her new neighbours shortly after moving into her rented bungalow, as she left her car on a patch of grass next to the property.

Day was confronted by Mrs Webb, a woman in her sixties, who asked her to move the vehicle.

The MailOnline reported that Day responded that she could “park wherever I like”.

The defendant was also said to have heightened tensions further by intentionally blocking a private footpath leading to the five detached houses at the back of the cul-de-sac using a wheelie bin.

It was also claimed that she sat on her mobility scooter outside, in an effort to intimidate her neighbours.

Tensions exploded after five residents of the cul-de-sac went to the 81-year-old’s letting agent to complain.

In response, Day “aggressively” knocked on Mrs Webb’s front door to argue with her over the residents’ move.

The court saw mobile phone footage taken by Mrs Webb in which Day smacked the phone out of the victim’s hand.

Mrs Webb was in the company of her six-year-old granddaughter, who she said was frightened by the incident in June 2022.

Day was prosecuted for assaulting Mrs Webb, despite arguing that she acted in self-defence, believing her neighbour was wielding a knife and not her phone.

Mrs Webb told magistrates that issues cropped up immediately after Day arrived on April 1 2022.

She said: “She had parked her Audi on the private strip of land we share between our five houses.

“I asked her who it belonged to when I was out on a walk and she said something like ‘I can park where I like’. It sat there for weeks. We found the situation uncomfortable.”

Day, however, believed she wasn’t doing anything wrong, saying: “They kept saying that my car was on their property. I had already told Mrs Webb that I would look into the Land Registry and if my car was parked illegally I would move it.

“Then I had an email from them asking me to move my car so that they could mow their communal lawn. I pay a person to cut the lawn and I cut that part. At that time it was so hot that the grass was barely there.”

Jason Spelman, who was prosecuting, said that the way in which Day approached Mrs Webb’s home illustrated that it was “never going to be a friendly visit”.

He said: “The defendant has gone there in a temper to talk about what has been going on, blocking the drive and leaving bins on pavements.

“This was never going to be a friendly visit to her neighbour. It was not a good idea and she flies up the drive and you can see clearly what has happened.

“The complainant has opened the window with one hand and is filming well inside the house with the other.

“She physically could not have reached out of the window to threaten the defendant because of her height.

“If she had stretched her hand out of the window with her phone in it she would have been very vulnerable. You cannot hear Mrs Webb saying anything aggressively.

“I would suggest the defendant did what she did because she was angry that she was being videoed. The suggestion that the complainant had a knife is ridiculous.

“There is nothing to suggest the complainant had one, if there were any concerns she could have just stepped away. There was no reason to reach through.”

Despite her defence saying that Day had had a “number of recent eye operations”, she was found guilty of assault and was ordered to pay £646.

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