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Papa Smurf Paul turns himself blue after taking dietary supplements for several years | US | News

Photographs of a man who turns his skin blue by taking dietary supplements for several self-prescribed conditions have resurfaced several years after he rose to fame. Paul Karason consumed a silver compound mix in an attempt to stop his skin from flaking.

The Washington native also suffered from a range of conditions, including dermatitis.

Speaking in an episode of Inside Edition from 2008, Karason revealed he started rubbing the mixture onto his skin.

This resulted in him experiencing a rare medical syndrome caused by silver poisoning from dietary supplements called argyria.

Karason is often known as “Blue Man” and “Papa Smurf”.

He started drinking the mixture after he saw an advert in a new age magazine which claimed the remedy could promote health and rejuvenation.

These claims have not been substantiated, according to the Daily Mail.

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Silver has been used to fight infection for thousands of years but it was banned by the FDA in 1999.

Karason’s then-girlfriend Jackie Northrup also told TODAY in 2008: “That was a nickname he didn’t appreciate, depending on who said it.

“If it was a kid who ran up to him saying ‘Papa Smurf’, it would put a smile on his face. But if it was an adult, well…”

Karason, who was born with fair skin and red hair, claimed he did not realise his skin had changed colour until a friend pointed it out.

But the mixture of silver ions and nanoparticles suspended in liquid ultimately caused his complexion to change completely.

Karason told Inside Edition: “A friend that hadn’t seen me in a while came by and asked me what I’d done to myself.”

He also pointed out that going blue did bring some perks, such as never getting sunburnt. 

But Karason stressed he did not enjoy being on the receiving end of several funny looks.

Following his rise into the public eye, Karason’s life started to fall apart as he struggled to find work and broke up with his fiancee.

He also suffered from several health issues, including prostate cancer and heart issues.

Karason later moved from his home in Madeira in California in 2012 as he returned to his hometown of Bellington in Washington to stay at a homeless shelter.

Karason soon rekindled a relationship with school friend.

The couple moved in together and later got married.

Karason died in 2013 at the age of 62 after being treated for pneumonia following a heart attack.

His then-estranged wife Jo Anna told reporters her late husband also suffered from a strike.

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