Police bodycam footage captured the moment three bodies were found bound, gagged and executed in the US. The remains of two of the victims were discovered in woodland of Akron, Ohio on March 10, while a third was found 15 minutes away. The footage shows an officer sharing with colleagues that one of the men appeared to have been shot in the face or head – and that his throat may have been cut.

One of the officers can be heard speaking into the radio, saying: “Ok, we’ve got two dead, bound and gagged Hispanic men.”

In one video, involving bodycam and drone clips, a local is on the verge of tears after initially thinking the bodies were mannequins.

She told one policeman: “It’s horrible. It’s upsetting, it’s gross.”

A U-haul truck driver, who discovered two of the bodies, told officers “that couldn’t be what I thought” when he first spotted the remains.

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Officers can be then seen canvassing the neighbourhood for witnesses, with one resident saying locals had long been petitioning to make the street where the bodies were found a dead-end road because of people speeding through and flytipping.

In a recorded interview, one neighbour said two or three violent incidents had occurred since he and his family moved in.

He also reported his wife had heard gunshots before.

In the videos, obtained by Fox News Digital via a public record request, a long-time resident said: “I knew something like that was going to happen. We’re secluded, and you always hear somebody shooting a gun off over there.”

Akron Police said they believe the three men were likely kidnapped and forcefully brought into the area.

They reassured the community investigators believe the murders to have been an “isolated” incident but have so far refused to reveal a potential motive.

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