Nicola Bulley‘s next-door neighbour has insisted that “someone knows something” about her disappearance. Charlotte Drake, a marketing director, also urged the public to “keep an open mind” as the investigation into her disappearance continues. Police have now expanded their search to include the Wyreside Farm Park Caravan Site near to where the mortgage adviser vanished on January 27.

Nicola was last seen at around 9.10am while she was out walking her springer spaniel Willow along the River Wyre near to her home in Inskip.

Charlotte, who has lived next door to Nicola and her partner Paul Ansell for five years, said the new police activity was “a positive”.

She said: “We have to keep up the positivity that she can be found. Someone knows something and everyone needs to keep an open mind.

“We just need some extra pieces to fit into this jigsaw, no matter how small.”

Charlotte has also praised Paul Ansell, the partner of Nicola, for his “strength” during the search operations.

She wrote on social media: “The strength this man [Paul] has shown over the past 14 days is nothing short of a miracle.

“When many would be sat at home waiting for news he is using the media exactly as it should be used, to share the facts, highlight the lack of evidence and spread the word far and wide, so that he can hopefully reach someone that knows something.”

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Charlotte continued: “Backing Pauly Ansell all the way to bring Nicola Jane Bulley back to him and their beautiful girls. We are all behind you, from our little street.”

In a previous post, she reminded people “this lovely person who has gone missing is a real person”.

She said: “As a neighbour/friend I can categorically say she is the type of person that would drop everything to help any single one of us going through this. So please, let’s give her that effort in return.”

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