The family of missing Nicola Bulley have been dealt another blow as the “lady in red” revealed she knew nothing of significance in her disappearance. Police released a CCTV image of the woman on Thursday as a key potential witness who was walking along the River Wyre at the same time as Nicola. But after she was identified, police were left at a dead end as she was unable to provide any extra information, according to reports.

The 67-year-old woman, Christine Bowman, told police she did not see Nicola, 45, during her walk with her own dog, Snowflake.

Ms Bowman said she was baffled by the appeal to track her down because she had already spoken to officers on the day Ms Bulley disappeared – and she “doesn’t know anything”. 

Nicola Bulley, a mother of two, started walking along the path lining the River Wyre, close to her home in rural Lancashire, at 8.43am on January 27 after dropping off her daughters, aged six and nine, at school.

The new information comes as her Strava account reveals it’s a route she took often and knew well. She often shared pictures of her Spaniel Willow playing in the field and in the river on the app, which tracks fitness goals using social network features.

A picture from Nicola’s Strava account, a service that tracks fitness goals using social network features, emerged, which detailed her regular walk.

Data from the account showed she took a route she knew well, and shared pictures of her dog Willow, whose off-the-leash appearance alerted a passerby to her absence. 

Witnesses said they saw her as she followed the familiar path in Lancashire. 

Police have revealed a number of interactions that built a picture of the 45 minutes before she went missing last week. 

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The key moments before she went missing include: 

  • 8.50am: Ms Bulley bumps into another dog walker and briefly stopped to chat while their dogs played with one another. 
  • 8.53am: The dog walkers go their separate ways, with the acquaintance going by the river path, as Ms Bulley writes an email to her boss. 
  • 9.01am: Ms Bulley logs into a Teams call with her coworkers
  • 9.10am: A second witness observes Ms Bulley in the distance 
  • 9.30am: The teams meeting ends 
  • 9.35am: A witness discovers her phone and Willow on a nearby bench

Police have continued to seatch the area where Nicola went missing, with investigators using expert divers to search the river.

Lancashire Police and Nicola’s family have continued their pleas to help find the missing mum.

Louise Cunningham, her sister, told Sky News that “something has got to have been missed”.

She added: “Somebody must know something. People don’t just vanish into thin air.”

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